Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sorry for being so slow to update

In response to a couple of complaints that I have not updated my blog, i apologize. I am slowly progressing week by week, but since that means I am now working a full 40 hour concentration week at work, I still tend to have limited energy on the weekend and spend a lot of time zoneing out to ensure adequate energy to make it fully through the work week.

I continue to do well. I still get Avastin every 3 weeks - last time yesterday - and will continue to do so through early 2011. And I get physical exams every 6 weeks - next one tomorrow - as well as laboratory testing every 6 weeks - next time in about 3 weeks. And periodic CT scans.

The results of every thing continue to be good - the labs are all normal, the CA-125 (a marker for ovarian cancer that was over 250 before my surgery) continues to be below the normal range. The CT and exams have been without any evidence of disease.

In other words, all things are good.

The recovery continues to be better week by week, but still slower than I would like. I am really working full time now - 40 hours a week of strong concentration - but have to titrate my efforts during off hours to be able to sustain that. My hair is back - not long enough for any intentional shaping, and a rather dull color halfway between grey and dishwater brown. But who can complain?

It has been a busy couple of weeks, with my Aunt Marian in and out of the hospital and needing more assistance from me, a niece moving in and another visiting for a weekend. But that has all been good and it is nice to learn that I can now gear up to extra stress when necessary.

Nothing too exciting to add - but in this world that is pretty good. Hope you all are well. Thanks again for your support.