Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Update - avastin, progress and HAIR

Yesterday I had my most recent Avastin treatment. Things went smoothly and the next one will be 4 weeks from now instead of 3 weeks. I had to delay it a week because of a professional committment. Which tells you I am back at work full time and slowly increasing the work load and once again meeting deadlines and honoring committments.

Really, it is reminding me that the ZEN days of chemo when I had to let go of everything and just live in the moment, watching America's Next Top Model and Project Runway and not worrying about anything beyond whether I should invest in some 4 inch heels after I finished chemo were... well they had some aspects to recommend them.

Living in the moment is not that bad.

BIG NEWS - this coming Saturday Oct 16 I have my first appointment for a hair cut since my head was shaved last December. Not that there is really much to cut or that I really want it shorter, but at least it will be intentionally shaped a bit. And mostly, I just like the idea that I have enough hair again to think about cutting it! YEAH for small victories.