Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I am doing fine but the dogs are having problems

Had my most recent doctor appt today and all looks well. I will have my next Avastin treatment on Monday. the original schedule was delayed a week because I had to give a lecture out of town last Monday.

My first 3 major professional deadlines since chemo all came in a bunch over the last 3 weeks and I managed to meet them all. Although it required working over time and some on weekends, but even that was good since it provided proof that I can do that again. But hopefully not too often.

Now for the bad news. The dogs went in for their vaccine updates and, for Jake, his senior dog exam which usually consists just of lab tests. This time his liver enzymes came back very abnormal so he went further for ultrasound examination of his liver and lungs. Bottom line - multiple tumors in his liver and at least one large one in his lung. Not good. He is also getting skinnier every week and looking very boney now.

I decided against surgery or chemo. It would not be curable. He is already nearly 2 and a half years beyond his predicted life expectancy. I can't see putting him through any of that. So we are all making an extra effort to make Jake's life as good as possible for the remaining time, which based on the rate at which he is losing weight will not exceed the winter. Sad but inevitable. He is a very sweet dog. And he has had a very good life for a pound dog.