Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Last chemo finished - all oK so far

My last chemo (of this set of treatments at least) was a week ago last Monday. Hopefully last transfusion a week ago Tuesday. CT scan and labs were Monday this week. Today I got confirmation that both the labs and the CT were good. I dont have to return for more lab tests until Monday May 18. Currently I am scheduled to continue on medical leave through MAy. I outlined an optimistic schedule of daily chores, exercise and so on designed to get me back on a schedule compatible with work (arising before 8 AM, being able to keep going all day). So far it appears to have been a bit too ambitious. I am managing to rise before 9 AM. But this first week off chemo I have done no intentional exercise. I managed to do a pretty full day MOnday, driving to Gainesville for the CT scan and laboratory tests, then back to Atlanta and finishing out the day with several tasks. I managed to push myself to do a series of chores on Tuesday, but not nearly as ambitious as originally planned and with more and longer rests (and naps) in between. I told myself by taking it easier I would be revved up again for tasks today. But today I have pretty much napped in front of the TV with the exception of taking myself out for brunch (easier than cooking) and gathering a few supplies that need to go up to the mountain house before the landscaping crew arrives this weekend to complete the hardscaping and planting and other work. I am telling myself that if I rest up today I will be in shape to drive up to the mountains and drop that stuff off tomorrow ... or maybe Friday. Hopefully I am right. But I have stopped thinking that I scheduled all of may for recovery but will probably go back to work earlier. There is little point going back to work until I can actually manage to do work most of the working day, most days of the week. Well if it is true that "A man's reach should exceed his grasp or what's a heaven for?", I am doing a good job with my recovery plan. I have delayed the plan to start intentional exercise until next week and plan to keep pushing to try to accomplish at least a few tasks a day, and at least 1 or more full days of effort a week. With a slow uphill course. But as always plans must adjust to reality. Still with good outcome on the labs and the CT, I can't complain. I will just keep pushing to slowly increase stamina and productivity. For now the plan to go back to work June 1 seems reasonable. The expectation that I would actually start back sooner than that seems less realistic. Time will tell. Louisa