Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Thanks to the assistance of my wonderful sister in law Dore, I received my last standard chemo this past Monday. Tomorrow I return for my major end of standard therapy check up (blood tests, CT scan, Doctor exam), Monday I continue the experimental part of the treatment (avastin every 3 weeks for about another year), and Tuesday i start back to work. Knock on wood I will have the endurance and not have to back off for more leave.

My apologies to folks I worried by not posting this Monday night. Between the last chemo, visiting with Dore, and napping while Dore worked like a dog I sort of ran out of time.

More details latter I promise.


  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for your tests tomorrow. Offered you and two other friends with cancer up last night in prayer at session. Lots of love coming your way.


  2. Good to hear the first part is down. Hopefully the next set will give you a break from the frequent trips for treatment, and allow you to regain some of that energy! Hope you continue to receive good news tomorrow. //Jim

  3. Throughout this narrative, Louisa has mentioned the wonderful friends and family that have helped out. I hope she realizes that people are wonderful to her because she has been wonderful to them. Face it, Louisa, you're a peach!

  4. Congrats, Louisa! Way to go, I hope the nurses cheered you on your way. (At my office they sing a "Happy Last Chemo Day" song to the tune of "Happy i to You"! Now for that nice growth of Georgia peach fuzz on your head! Kathy and Val