Saturday, July 10, 2010

Update July 10,2010

Just returned from 9 days in Cherokee NC practicing medicine at the Cherokee Indian Hospital Urgent Care Clinic. Can't say I was really able to pull my weight, but at least I pretended to. For example, one day in clinic I saw 5 patients - the other doc saw 15 in the same time period. But the Cherokee folks were very supportive as usual, I enjoyed the switch and it gave me a good opportunity to compare my current progress against a real benchmark. In Atlanta and at CDC after spending the last 2 month of chemo in a recliner chair just about anything I do feels like progress. In Cherokee the bench mark was what did I usually do when there.

First - I could not pick up my "clinical bag", a large canvas sack that stores all the things I need (or may need) when practicing clinical medicine but do not (or rarely) need at CDC. When I finish a clinical stint I wash my white coat and repack the bag so it will be ready for the next time. It is usually packed with things I use often (like little paperback references) or continually (like my stethoscope) but also with things I use rarely or only theoretically need (like a large book on trauma medicine). IT is always too heavy, and I also think I should lighten it up. But this time I had to remove the things I knew I would not be using this time around before I could pick it up.

Second - I found the hike up from the lower parking lot - which always leaves me thinking I need to work out more - was totally exhausting. I managed it but had to stop and rest several times. After the first couple of days I parked in the closer patient parking or permenent staff parking areas and avoided the hike.

Third - just sitting on a stool without a back is more energy demanding than sitting in a chair with a back. I never really noticed this before, but i was very aware of it this time.

Fourth - On Monday it was a holiday so the clinic was closed and I was an add on in the ED. I bowed out and went home after only about a 6 hour day feeling really exhausted. And despite my plans to capture some of the folks who were very supportive to me during chemo and take them to lunch after church on Sunday, without an alarm I failed to wake up until 11:45. So no church, no capturing, no treating folks to lunch or even seeing them. Well - next time.

Fifth - in addition to the physical stamina limits, It was very clear to me that as I get more tired, my ability to think clearly and precisely and efficiently also declined.

Still all in all it went relatively well. I was delighted to be back in Cherokee and Sylva for a short while. I really enjoyed being in the mountains. And it was good to have a more solid comparison to assess where I stand in terms of come back. And the increased physical demands left me thinking it is probably time to begin intentional exercise again - although likely limited to the end of the week so I don't wear out when I still need to make it to work the next morning.

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  1. I have become a big fan of walking. Here's hoping that you find an exercise that you enjoy.