Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I keep hearing I need to post an update

So here it is. My blood pressure seems to be doing well - dialystolics (lower number) usually below 90 which is good and systolics (high number) staying in reasonable ranges as long as I remember to take my medicine.

the medicine itself sometimes has the side effect of making people feel really tired and sometimes even inducing clinical depression. I don't recognize an impact, but it would be hard to tell since I am tired all the time these days anyway but anything feels better than I did.

Strength and endurance continues to improve by the week. I am not doing a detail (have been loaned to another office for a temporary project) that has me working and concentrating all day. I can tell I am more tired at the end of the day, but I am managing close to normal productivity although I still try to keep my day to 8 hours and no longer. So that is all good.

Some days I feel almost normal. And other days I feel like this is the hardest part, with certainty about the future lending a sense of urgency to the desire to recover fully and complete every thing that matters as efficiently as possible. When it all gets overwhelming I retreat to the recliner and nap. Things are usually better when I wake up.

And the neuropathy continues to retreat. Some days i am hardly aware of it until I pay attention to the fact that I continue to walk more like Frankenstein than a ballerina. Still balance is less of a problem and the feet are feeling closer to normal. All is good.


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