Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cycle 1 Week 2

Yesterday my brother and sister in law John and Debbie visited here and took me for my second round of chemo - week 2 of cycle 1. Since it was week 2 i got only one drug - Taxol. The premeds include benedryl which gives me a bad case of restless leg syndrome and Decadron which makes me a little manic (useful for getting things done) and keeps me from sleeping well at night (not so useful). Overall things went well and i was grateful for the visit and the support. Today they drove off to the extended family Thanksgiving in VA (to which I fly tomorrow). But if anyone reading this blog has recommendations on how to mimize restless legs syndrome - I could surely use the help. Miserable. I took Balsam to board. He seems to really like the vet where he boards. He is always happy to be there and has learned to hope up on the weights and stand still. Maybe I am boarding him too often! One bonus - he will get a bath before I pick him back up on Monday - thereby perhaps smelling a lot less hound doggie when he returns. it feels lonely at home without him. I also got a haircut - deciding in a couple of weeks it will start falling out and it will be easier to go bald from a very short instead of a very mid length hair cut. What I did not anticipate was how cold it would feel with so little hair left to warm my head and neck... Halfway through the haircut I looked in the mirror and recognized the hair of both my brothers when they were in grade school and My nephew Judson. Oh those characteristic Chapman whorls and cowlicks and funny little ways that hair grows all over our heads. And I purchased a pair of pants that will enable me to comfortably walk around with loose pants without having to wear PJs. One month past surgery and it seems like time to being to appear in public in something other than PJs. I also mailed my last Christmas present (to Scotland) and got notifications that all but one of the previously posted gifts had been delivered. One more thing off the check list. Dec 2 I return to work 3 days weekly. That will be another challenge. All packed up, finished a load of wash and just waiting for the heavy duty cycle of the dishwasher to finish running before I can pack it up and go to bed. I am really looking forward to flying up to VA for the family reunion that Thanksgiving has become tomorrow. I hope all of you have warm Thanksgiving plans with people you love and plenty of things over the past year to feel thankful for. Louisa

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