Sunday, January 11, 2015

And here is the plan going forward -

Met with my doc last Thursday while in for lab check. Tomorrow is my third Monday (treatment day) in the 3rd 3-week chemo cycle. Here is the plan going forward: This coming Thursday I meet with the Radiation doc. We will hold on chemo following completion of this 3rd 3 week cycle next week and switch to radiation therapy for somewhere between 4 - 8 weeks starting either a week from tomorrow or 2 weeks from tomorrow. Exact decisions to be determined by my radiation therapy doc and hopefully transmitted to me during our meeting this coming thursday. Also on Thursday I will have the first CT scan since surgery, which will tell us more about whether and how to target radiation and influence whether and how we move forward with this plan. Following completion of the radiation therapy, which will require daily treatment 5 days a week, we will return and complete the remaining 3 3-week cycles of chemotherapy. So far I am doing well although my stamina had diminished and despite my vow to prioritize keeping up on personal issues like paying bills instead of prioritizing work during chemo, I am getting behind. I have to begin each day with a priority for what I will target. Yesterday I managed to empty the dishwasher and reload it by cleaning up the kitchen, but that was it. Today I am running the dishwasher and doing laundry. Have about 4-5 loads collected - uncertain whether I will get through all of them. Cleaning out the fridge is over due but may or may not happen today. Catching up on bill paying and paperwork filing is also over due and is beginning to appear to look unlikely to be completed today. Perhaps I can carry that material along and complete some of it while receiving chemo tomorrow...time and my energy levels/concentrating ability will tell. I continue to receive good support from my friends, colleagues and folks form church here for which I am grateful.

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