Thursday, December 24, 2009

Do I really look more like my Dad?

Hair coming out by the handfuls in the shower this morning leads me to suspect what Santa will be bringing me this Christmas, beyond the lovely things you all have already deposited under my tree, will be a bald palate.

Lucky I invested in all those brights hats and scarfs...


  1. My dear friend Louisa. I am confident you will wear the scarf with style and panache, and work effectively (when you can) on all the CDC projects which come your way. Your blog is a way those of us who are too far away to pitch in with the driving or other help can remain connected. Yes, this definitely will cut back on the rburden and edundancy answering the same questions by phone or email would impose on you. Happy Boxing Day, much love, Carol

  2. Must be a sign that the chemo is working! Hang in there.