Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What I needed now...

Given how cold a bald head can get, I needed a small, soft, close to the head cap that I could wear just around the house when I did not want to mess with hats or tying fancy scarfs. Or maybe to bed if my head got cold.

So what arrived in the mail today? The perfect soft little cap hand knit by Clara's Momma, the Senior Dr. Chen from Bethesda. See photo below.

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  1. Louisa,
    We're so glad the first cycle has finished. The shorter hair looks good, and you still have eyebrows. The blue hat is quite flattering, and the knit soft one very practical. You sound like you are keeping your spirits up.
    We are in PA with Eric and Andrea. We painted a first coat on their kitchen walls yesterday and helped pack the old house today. Tomorrow more painting. Lots of fun.
    Happy New Year! We wish you better health in 2010, and lots of funny stories.
    Jane and Bruce