Saturday, May 15, 2010

energy up, fuzz returning

This is the first week I have not had to return on Thursday for laboratory testing. My counts had been stable enough for the previous 2 weeks that they decided to skip a week. But as a result I do have to go in for lab testing Monday.

This weekend high school friend Ginny Walker Middleton picked me up and we drove to Nashville to watch other high school friend Elaine Brooks Harwood be awarded her DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) degree along with the rest of the very first class of DNP graduates at Vanderbilt. Very exciting and also another experiment for me to learn how I held up. Surprisingly well - which is good because next week I have my first business travel since surgery to DC for 2 days, afterwhich I will stay with friends over the weekend. Hopefully my energy will hold up.

I am encouraged enough that likely I will try to go back to work full time (5 instead of 3 days a week) starting June 1.

Although I confess that when Ginny dropped me back at my house today I immediately plopped into the recliner and began to doze. But I notice that the shows I had begun watching full time when I was on full time leave and finishing chemo are beginning to bore me now. Probably not unrelated to the fact that my brain suddenly began to seem much clearer about a week ago. It does not require quite as much effort to concentrate these days.

And lastly, while you have to look very carefully to notice it, I believe a tiny fuzz of hair is beginning to return around the lower rim of my skull. Not much to write home about - but a beginning hopefully to soon be followed by larger hairier things.


  1. Fantastic on all fronts!! To clear thinking and a fuzzy head! Much love, Carol

  2. I hope the fuzz has continued growing! I think of you often .