Monday, May 24, 2010

First professional travel, peach fuzz extending its territory on my head

Last week I did my first professional travel since Chemo - 2 days in Washington DC attending a meeting (wed) and chairing a meeting (thurs). I am pleased to report that all went well. My energy and concentration were adequate for both tasks, although on Wed I did take an hour long nap between the meeting and dinner, and on Thurs after the meeting ended an hour earlier than scheduled, by the time it had been scheduled to end I was in my hotel room in my PJs sacked out on the bed watching TV. I did not leave that room again until I checked out the next morning - even ordered room service in for dinner.

But it went well, and I was able to visit with several friends in the DC area before returning to Atlanta Sunday night.

Other evidence of progress:
(1) my blood cell counts have been high and stable enough that I was able to skip my lab test the previous week. Hopefully soon the weekly testing will no longer be necessary.
(2) my head is mostly covered by peach fuzz - all areas except the very top. Clear evidence that however slowly my hair is starting to return. YEAH!

My 3rd dose of Avastin, the investigational drug that I get every 3 weeks for nearly a year after finishing the standard chemotherapy on April 12, will be 2 weeks from today. In the absence of really major events, I probably will not update this blog more frequently than at the time of each dose of Avastin. In other words, every 3 weeks starting 2 weeks from today.

Again thank you for your support.

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  1. Louisa, I am so happy to hear of your progress. You may be complaining about hair being too long (hot & sticky) as the summer progresses [:-)

    Please devote your energies to personal and professional activities, and much less to the blog. Much love, Carol