Monday, March 16, 2015

Cycle 4 week 3

Last chemo of cycle 4 today. Taxol only so it went well. 2 3-week cycles left to go. But my Hbg was 8.8 last Thursday - 2 full ppoints lower than a week earlier and 0.8 points above the point that usually mandates a transfusion. No wonder I am exhausted and sleeping a lot. Getting labs early this week on Wed afternoon so if it is low enough to merit transfusion I can get it arranged Thursday night before i depart Friday morning for my niece's wedding IN Rhode Island. a little more oxygen carrying capacity might improve my stamina for the wedding. other wise things are well. I could not get going Friday and took a sick day from work. This is close to the time when I had to begin dropping work days off last time (currently trying to do 3 days in the office each week missing only the days I have medical appointments, but dropped Friday as well last week and spent the whole day napping. I hope a transfusion will reverse that. But I know the time when I have to drop to 2 days in the office, then 1 day in the office per week and eventually just go on full time sick leave is approaching. But that also means the end of this round of treatment is also approaching, so the glass if half full.

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