Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cycle 4 week 2 chemo starting tomorrow

Last Monday I had my first chemo since January - with Week 1 of cycle 4 starting with carboplatin and taxol. I had forgotten how it felt to take poison weekly - radiation is so much easier. But the nurses ran the chemo really slowly and i did not have a reaction as I had before. As long as I take my antinausea meds regularly things go smoothly on that account. I can tell the time is coming when I will have to start dropping days off work starting with Fridays (I am getting chemo on Mondays and labs and follow up on Thursdays but in the office the other 3 days) but for now I can still manage 3 days in the office and am still getting some things done. So all is good. I am trying to fend off the point where I give up and stay home as long as possible. Tomorrow is week 2 of cycle 4- i will get Taxol only. That will be an easier week than the first one out of three when Taxol is accompanied by Carboplatin. But I think it all may be a bit easier than the last time with Avastin. Or maybe it is just that I know what to expect and manage my life better.

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