Thursday, September 22, 2011

6 month follow up and still loving my best friend NED

Today was my second 3 month follow up since completing the investigational chemotherapy. So i got up at 6 AM and drove to Gainesville for CT scans with contrast and lab tests and physical exams.

All Great news - physical exam No Evidence of Disease (NED)


Labs - CA-125 = 4 (anything under 30 or so is normal, so it is totally meaningless that the values have declined from 7 to 5 to 4 the last 3 tests. Never the less, knowing it is meaningless, still I LOVE it. So in other words - LABS = NED

Other measures -

I have worked up to 4 hours a week with a trainer - 2 hours of weight training, 2 hours of pilates - and starting Sept 1 I added 2-3 hours a week of water aerobics depending on how often I can get to the classes. That is a big difference from January 2011 when I would do half an hour with a trainer and then have to take a nap before I could shower.

And while I have not yet made it back down into the PHS approved weight category, I have moved 5 pounds down which is at least movement in the right direction.

So all in all - all indicators are good. And I am very very glad. Now I am looking forward to 2 serial weekends of 40 year high school reunions - this weekend in Sylva NC and next weekend in Magnolia Arkansas - 2 good places to grow up!

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