Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It is possible!!!

I am here to witness that no matter how old you are, how fat you have become, and how tired you start out -- If you make a consistent effort to eat servings that are just a bit smaller than the ones you were used to, AND to increase the proportion of your meals that come from fruit, vegetables, grains, fiber, and protein, AND to avoid eating empty calories (ie things with sugar and alcohol), AND try to drink as much ice water as possible in place of any flavored beverage, AND in addition to try to actively (if gently) exercise 4 hours a week or more AND if you keep it up long enough YOU CAN LOSE 5 POUNDS!!!

How long is long enough? Well, let's just say I am looking at life style changes, not short term benefits. AT this pace, however, if I manage to keep it up consistently enough I fully expect to be back at my preferred weight sometime prior to the close of 2020...

Since the last PHS officer requirement that I have not yet been able to achieve since returning from Chemo is getting myself back down into the acceptable weight range, this is a step in the right direction.

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! Pat on back Pat on back Pat on back Pat on back...Whoo Whooo Whooo Whooo Whooo!

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