Sunday, September 11, 2011

The significance of the moment

"The trick is not to count the moments, whether backwards or forward, but to experience them for what they offer in and of themselves."

The quote above is copied from the blog of a college friend who was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer about a month before my diagnosis. The context of the quote is ruminations on the significance of the 9/11 anniversary in the context of her own situation - just notified that the 4th line experimental chemotherapy that she has been taking is not working, and her only remaining option is a broad spectrum nonspecific drug that is likely to have little impact.

Gina has throughtout her disease not only show courage and grace, but been a remarkable source of support to others and of eloquent description of experience. Her sentence, shared above, captures very excellently the challange before us at every moment of our lives. It is, however, easier to adhere to it when you have something to strongly focus your mind.

Thanks, Gina, for another eloquent expression of what matters most.

My second 3 month check up occurs 12 days from now. CT scan, physical exam, and another blood test for CA-125. Fingers Crossed, all will continue to be well.

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