Thursday, February 19, 2015

Almost finished with radiation and so far so good

Today I completed the 18th of 20 radiation sessions. The next two are tomorrow (friday) and Monday at 4:30PM. Radiation has gone well - I had to depart work daily at 3 to get to Gainesville by 4:30 (the trip takes longer when you are going with rush hour). Some days when there was an accident or a pile up or a few construction issues on the road that was barely time enough. The last week has been interesting. We have had remarkable low temps for GA in mid February combined with rain on the first day of the cold snap. Fortunately GA state learned lessons from last year's major national news making traffic snafu so they began treating the roads the day before the freezing rain. Two days ago the drive to Gainesville was a bit concerning given it was grey and raining and the rain was freezing on the windshield, signs, trees and so on about as fast as it fell. But the roads remained clear and the traffic was much decreased (lots of places closed) so i got there and back with out problems. The past 2 days driving to and from Gainesville has been sort of like driving through a fairy land with all the trees and bushes coated with crystals that capture the sun and glimmer beautifully. Sort of like driving through rows of Christmas trees only decorated with crystals. Except for the cracked trunks and broken branches where the weight of the ice proved too much for the trees. But ignoring that... It is predicted to get even colder at night and tomorrow - so I am glad tomorrow is my last commute this week. Monday will be the last radiation treatment. I had blood drawn Wednesday this week and will do so again next week - probably Thursday. The outcome of those two blood draws as I understand it will determine when I begin chemo again. I also understand that I will have another CT scan after I complete radiation therapy, presumably looking for changes between when I started and now. Meanwhile last week I had my visit with the Urologist - who tells me that he sees these ureteral obstructions all the time in chemo patients, they cannot be cured by surgical intervention as my surgeon thought he had fixed it during surgery, they likely will get worse with chemo and almost certainly will get worse with radiation and wanted to know why i was not referred to a Urologist earlier. What can I say? I am scheduled to get a stent placed next Wednesday. It will be an outpatient proceedure but performed under general anesthesia. So since I can't drive home (or anywhere for 24 hours thereafter) I will have to recruit drivers. Or maybe I will take a taxi in early and just find someone to pick me up and bring me home afterward. That is the next problem to solve. I am hoping my cells counts are good on the blood draws coming up and I can start back on chemo a week from Monday. If so, I will complete the first of the remaining 3 3-week cycles just in time to head to Rhode Island for niece Louisa's wedding in late March. I decided to bite the bullet and RSVP'd yes, reserved a hotel room and made a plane reservation. But just in case I also purchased the travel insurance so i can get a partial refund if I have to back out at the last minute. So 2 more radiation sessions, another blood draw, a stent placement, probably a CT, and then back to chemo therapy to finish the course starting hopefully within the next 2 weeks.

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