Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It is raining Hats and Dogs...

Arrive today by mail - special hand knit hats mailed by Nancy B from Pound Ridge NY on January 5 and given up for lost!

And ironically, inexplicable, and possibly significantly ALSO arrived today by mail - special hand knit hat mailed Jan 16 by Kathy Ogle from Bloomington, Minnesota. No, neither Kathy or Val have taken up knitting - this was came from a selection knit by volunteers for patients in Kathy's oncology clinc.

the Rose Chen hand knit hat collection expands and is rechristened into the Hand Knit Hat collection.

this calls for a special photo featuring the pink Christmas present "Sleeps with Dogs" shirt from Clara Chen plus me and the dogs posing as a family and each wearing one of the Hand Knit Hat collection. Hmmm. Getting that photo probably requires more energy than I have tonight. Plus a volunteer photographer and possibly 3 or 4 people to wrestle the dogs into submission. that posting will have to wait for another night.

But I did sucessfully complete the first Day of the Third cycle of 6 today, thanks to wonderful volunteer driver Leonora Weaver, and even made it back to work to send out the special report before coming home. I take that as a good sign. That and all the gifts in the mail.

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