Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Things I have neglected and things I need now...

It occurs to me that since I have been focusing on the hand knit hats, which have been arriving like rainfall, I have neglected some other things - such as

(1) the big purple Ginny-took-me-to-first-chemo-then-shopping hat;

(2) the little discrete grey Jackie-who-works-with-me-thinks-this-should-transfer-to-her-closet-when-I-have-hair-again hat;

(3) the Missy/Melissa-I-survived-chemo-and-so-will-you-this-is-my-good-luck Blue Macalester hat; and others.

Well if you look back at the early post with hats and scarfs on the folding doors photo you can pick most of these out. Others will be posted when I master the energy to make photos again.

And if you look carefully in the background of the photos already on board - you can identify the Elaine=and-Cami-thought-I-might-get-cold memorial gift comfort - which doesn't smell quite as nice as it did when Elaine dropped it off since Balsam, for reasons that escape me but probably are very clear to him, seems to find mouthing it and leaveing hound dog slobber behind a very desirable way to intermittently spend his time. Plott hounds are famous for their cold tracking noses - maybe it is a sign that he periodically gets lonely for Elaine. (really, he is not her type but I am not breaking that news to the poor little mountain dog.)

Meanwhile - people have been very generous about volunteering for driving - so maybe it is time to update my much smaller "what I need now" list:

Now what I need is a volunteer driver to drive me to and from Chemo on:

Monday February 22 - (short day - should be back to Atlanta by Noon)

Monday March 22 - long day - likely won't be back to Atlanta till late afternoon

Monday March 29 - short day

Monday April 5 - short day AND LAST DAY

All this assumes that there are no delays due to low white counts or whatever. And one of these days will drop off shortly as soon as I have time to check with my neighbor about exactly which day he wants to visit his buddies at Lake Lanier.

Meanwhile, I am sharing another photo of sunset at Water Rock Knob. Sunrise is just as nice, but not being a morning person I made it there less often and never with camera in hand.

Followed by several photos from a previous visit of the USNS COMFORT to Haiti in 2007 before the quake including the silloute of the Cathedral (now collapsed) from the approaching (or exiting) Port a Prince boat, the shoreline, the intact University Hospital, the USNS COMFORT anchored off shore at evening, and a sunset in happier times.

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