Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yes, the Artic Blast chills the country...

Forcing the dogs to spend long days confined inside while the outside temperature hover in the teens and twenties (for you Midwesterners thinking "so what?" this is the cultural equivalent of double digits below and usually does not stick around here for more than a day or 2 at a time), their outside water bowls remain frozen for days on end, and snow is predicted for the end of the week.

But Louisa continues to live the life of Riley - securely protected in her warm home, cuddling with the dogs in the evening and sleeping very soundly wrapped in all sorts of warm protection. As evidenced by this photos of Louisa ready for bed in the snappy new Christmasy PJs accessorized with that fancy red/gold bow and the snazzy Christmas bed socks - all thanks to items tucked into the pre-chemo care package by the chemo-nurse-Emily, Josh and Walker Buchannan family from Sylva. (And topped off by the hand knit by Rose Chen cap previously exhibited on this blog).

What you can't see is that before I wrapped myself in all this warm new sleeping gear, I had a wonderful mosituring bath followed by smearing all that moisturing stuff all over to protect against dry skin, again thanks to the lovely products tucked into the Sylva First Baptist care package by multiple people.

Thanks to you all. And to Ginny for ferrying them along. Real thank you notes are in the mail - or at least will be as soon as I finish just a couple more.

I am also spending time munching on the various edible goodies included but decided not to post a photo of that.

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