Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More hats

So what arrived in the mail today (and a couple of days ago) but MORE HATS from Nancy B in NY and Gina Mac '74 in Seattle.

I am so set with hand knit hats that once I finally have hair again, I will be able to equip 75% of the bald chemo patients in Atlanta!!!

This brings the combined total to 1 primary-started-it-all from Rose Chen in MD;

1 hand-knit-but-not-by-her from Kathy in Minneapolis (thank goodness, we would have to re-align our whole concept our old friends if Kathy or Val took up knitting! they are so much more the hand-crafting-an-off-the-grid-cabin-in-the-Far-North types);

2 hand knit by ?Gina Mac'74 or some other hand in Seattle:

And 4 hand knit by Nancy the artist in NY.

By the way, I threw in a photo of Balsam cuddling up with the used-to-be-white-and-have-eyes-a-nose-and-stuffing seal that he fell in love with and adopted from Gina Mac '74 in Seattle's first CARE package. SEe if you can figure out which one it is. (HINT - photo contains a big black dog and a little flat filthy greyish thing).

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