Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sleeps with Hats and Dogs...or tries to anyway

Louisa attempts to sleep with dogs who, lacking both prehensile thumbs and, prehaps not unrealtedly, any finely tuned appreciation for the value of hand knit hats mostly attempt to eat them. But occasional switch to attempting to capture their favorite delicacy - Louisa snot (or occasionally, Louisa ear wax).

Note to Louisa: maybe the family portrait was not your best idea.

Note to Nancy, Rose and Kathy: thanks for the lovely Hand Knit Hat Collection which, now that the photo session is completely and forever over, will remain firmly outside the reach of the dogs

Note to Clara: maybe "Wrestles with Dogs" would be a better theme shirt for 2010. but it does give you a whole new appreciation for that guy who manages to publish all those photos of his Wimeranger dogs wearing all sorts of absurd costumes doesn't it?

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