Monday, March 29, 2010

6th cycle successfully started

Blood counts were adequate today, so we successfully started the 6th and last cycle of standard chemo. That means after starting the day getting blood counts done at the hospital, I received my 3 chemo drugs, had a doctor visit (well really with the nurse practitioner who works with dr. Green but he also dropped by later), and got the schedule straightened out for the next part of the chemo.

The next 2 weeks, assumeing my cell counts hold up, I will get taxol alone on Monday. My wonderful chemo nurse Elizabeth will be on a well earned vacation in Hawaii the following week, but has arranged for me to get my chemo here in Atlanta in the office of Dr. Green's partners. And the third week in addition to the Taxol on Monday and the labs on Thursday, I will have to get additional labs, have another doctor's visit, and get a CT Scan. It will be a very busy week.

If I have the schedule right, and if all the counts hold up, the following week I will be finished with standard chemo, but not with the whole run. I will start the part of the investigational trial where I get Avastin alone the first Monday of every 3 week cycle and will continue this part for nearly a year.

I also hope to start back to work that fourth week.

All in all it will be a pretty busy 3rd and 4th week. Wish me luck.

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