Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What's New?

I hear Brother in law Joe is not only home but back in the office working. Martha, on the other hand, is exhausted and trying to catch up on school.

Jacob P Dawg Chapman has ceased his falling spells and appears to be in no more pain. Whatever went wrong with his spine or hip seems to have corrected with a few days of rest and that new pain med the vet gave him. Hopefully it won't return for a long time. No more falling spells.

Louisa post-transfusion went to the doc on Tuesday and got diagnosed with sporotrichosis (a fungal infection) in her finger and is now on treatment for that. This probably has nothing to do with chemo, except that I got stuck with a splinter from a table that had spent most of its life outside sometime in early January, and acquired an infection from that that is slowly spreading. MAybe the chemo gave it a foot hold, or maybe I was going to get it anyway. The good news is, I finally have an interesting case to present at the InterCity ID Dinner Conference...

Louisa post-transfusion gave a massive push to get through the paperwork that was building up before terminal fatigue sets in again. Good thing, as I discovered today that someone was faudulently having his CITI AMEX automatically paid out of my account since January. Closed that account, opened a new one and now I have to find the energy to transfer all the things that are automatically paid into or deducted out of that account... Sigh. A lot of work. And I still have to work my way through the credit card and medical bills that I did not get to today.

My sister Martha is due for a visit this weekend and to take me to chemo on Monday. I am looking forward to the visit.

The dogs have enjoyed the string of visitors through this house (the large contingent of Arkansas cousins, the small (n=1) contingent of Ark Cousin, and soon the sister). They are somewhat lonely left with just me. Further, they seem puzzeled as to why only 1 of us was allowed to watch the olympics from the perch of the recliner chair. Occasionally Balsam challenges my supremacy there - yesterday he tried to sit on my lap again which was how he went off to sleep for the first phase of his puppydom. Unfortunately (or fortunatly) a large 70 pound Plott hound does not fit securely on the lap of an adult sitting in a recliner chair, so he rapidly fell out and did not try again.

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  1. Louisa, I had credit card identity theft problems too. Have you contacted the three credit agencies to protect yourself from additional attempted incursions into your finances? I can send you some information if you need it.