Tuesday, March 30, 2010

next day

I let the dogs out and went back to bed. I woke up at approximately noon ish when someone called me. Apparent;y that post-chemo famous steriod boost does not work as powerfully as it used to on by the 6th cycle. Although I did take a sleeping pill last night. But at about 10 pm and it only lasts for about 8 hours. And in the past often was not very effectively at all.

Oh well, sub total of accomplishments today:
1. made further progress on the necessary arrangements to be made to close out my original checking account and operate contiually out of the new and hopefully more secure one
2. becaue it was such a beautiful day (63-66 and sunny) and because my white blood cell counts had been the highest they have been in months yesterday due to the week vacation from chemo (4,500 - almost low normal) I decided to take advantace of the beautiful day to get out and run some necessary errands before my energy faded
3. dropped off and picked up dry cleaning, out breakfast/lunch out at panera bread, did grocery shopping for essentials (OK mostly for cravings like crystal light drinks and coconut cake for Easter, but also fresh fruit and other good healthy things), and tracked down and identied the driving route and time to the local place in Atlanta where I go for chemo next Monday on account of my usual chemo nurse being on vacation.
By the time i got home and feed the dogs it was after 4 and I was pooped.
4. so it looks like probably no more paperwork accomplished today. Unless i whip through my medical bills while watching TV from the recliner chair.

Still over all pleased to be starting my 6h and last round of standard chemo. a few small wrinkles.

I did not start my new medication - Gabapentin also known as neurotin. Despite my eager description of how the week without chemo had really improved it and although I occasionally had trouble opening things the frequency with which I was aware of it beyond my hands and feet (legs, back face) had really receded and practically disappeared. they were not impresssed and thought I should start this drug, normally given for seizures, which is supposed to slow the progression of neuropathy and then after I finish the standard chemo to increase how rapidly it receeds. Apparently it can take years to receed.

Also, this morning I looked down and noticed petecia around my ankles. these are little red spots that often form when platelets are low. If you are a fan of CSI or NCIS or other detective shows, these are the little red spots that medical examiners point out to the detectives as evidence that the dead person was strangled or someimes drowned. But I promise you no one has been sneaking in and trying to strangle my feet while I sleep. Remember, the dogs lack pre-hensile thumbs. And low howls at the first evidence of intruders. so....

Likely these date from last week when we know my platelets were low and I just failed to notice them until today. If not, it may be a sign that my platelets are dropping rapidly in response to this latest round of chemo. On the good side - that is clear evience the chemo is doing what it is supposed to do. On the down side - it may suggest another delay may lurck in my future. Time will tell. We will get the first hint when i have my blood tested this thursday.

The people who clean my home every other week came this week and suggested that could help me take down the Christmas decoratins and put them away. Hmmm. I told them my cousins were coming on April 25 and I had promised them they could help take down and put away the Christmas decorations as a celebration of finishing my chemo. That made my cleaners happy. I hope have have finished chemo by then but if not, I will still be ready for the Christmas decoratioms to go away. Somehow once Easter passes they cease to seem festive and become sort of tired.

That is all the news that is fit to print for today.

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