Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gifts this week

On Sunday a friend from work brought over a large supply of home made Irish Stew and stuck around to watch TIVOed Harry Potter movies with me.

On Monday my neighbor took me to chemo and back, then brought over a large supply of delicious home made beef and vegetable soup.

On Tuesday I recieved a note from the Sylva First Baptist Wednesday night prayer circle and a large CARE package from my neice Emily, who thought the remainder of my chemo would go better if I was supplied with popcorn, her favorite movie, a large U Oklahoma T shirt and spotted Sooner socks.

By Wednesday night when my neighbors across the street supplied hot fresh home made pancakes and grapefruit for my dinner, I had realized that having to delay chemo this week was a blessing in disguise. My energy and mental concentration has been notably better allowing me to (cumulatively since Monday) return to work and clean out my cubicle and check the job postings, catch up on bills and paperwork in most cases (still behind on going through all the medical bills...), and get all my paperwork organized to be able to take it to the accountant before the March 30 deadline for this tax season.

Wednesday I also receieved calls from my sister in law Dore and my cousin Ed confirming plans to visit in April. and from my sister just checking in.

All in all, not a bad week. Tomorrow I have to return to Gainesville for lab work, go to court to argue that I think the speeding ticket erroneously recorded my speed (my speedometer said 63, not 75, and the difference in fine is considerable). Then I have 3 more days to finish the remaining paperwork before I get dosed with poison again (hoepfully) on Monday March 29.

If all goes as planned, I will start my 6th and last cycle of chemo on Monday MArch 29 and complete the 3rd and final dose on Monday April 12.

Fingers crossed.

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