Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Small victories

Yesterday my friends Robert and Cuca worked together to get me to chemo, although only Robert drove because Cuca was nursing infection and thoughtfully did not want to share. Completing this chemo treatment finished my 5th cycle of chemo therapy. Now I officially only have one cycle left to go, which will begin next Monday March 22 and end the Monday after Easter - symbolic timing for a new beginning.

The chemo-associated neuropathy (numbness and tinginling in my hands and feet seems to be progressing (legs, back face) but the good news is (1) now that I am taking vitamin B 12 and B stress complex in for 2 weeks and in recently larger amounts it seems to be stabelizing or even receeding. Much better today. (2) at least part of the increase is likely due to the addition of the Itraconazole for treatment of my sporotrichosis since numbness in hands and feet is an identified side effect. (3) all should recede (hopefuly back to normal) when the chemo is over. (4) if need be they can decrease my doses or change to another drug. HOWEVER since beating back this cancer is more important than short term discomfort I am hoping to finish out this last cycle with full dose first line drugs so...

Today - my steroid burst high energy day - I was able to make lots of progress on that pesky home paperp work. Did not totally finish making all the changes nescessary to close out the old bank account and open the new. Did not start on putting together the stuff I need to send to the tax preparer. Did not finish with the credit card straightening out (the slow phase being reviewing every thing to ensure no fraud before I pay) but substantive progress none the less. And tomorrow is another day when I should make it to noon on the residual chemo steroid burst before I start losing energy.

Made it all the way through the day today with out a nap. Although I did pause mid afternoon for a long soaky hot bath using (1) the little blue floating ducky from the Gina in Seattle care package, (2) the lavender bubble bath, liguid soap, and after bath body lotions from the First Baptist Sylva Care packages, and (3) the home made pepermint skin rub from the Emily Buchannan Care PAckage. I decided if my standard chemo time is running out then I better pick up the pace on using up my chemo-support care package contents. I think I am making pretty good progress. Thanks guys, for all the raw ingredients.

All in all a good start to the week. Now to see what I can accomplish tomorrow.

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